Anxiety and Depression Seminar

Thursday, March 27 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Having a bad day? That happens to all of us on occasion. But if you feel a lasting sense of sadness, worry or despair, you may be suffering from anxiety or depression. This is the most common mental disorder in the US, and it affects 40 million Americans. That's right. That's 18 percent of the adult population. Here in the Denver area alone, an estimated 89,000 adults may suffer from a wide spectrum of anxieties, depression and related  disorders. Any of these conditions can be disabling. When  combined, anxiety and depression can be difficult  to live with, hard to diagnose and treat. And when you're in its grip, it can feel like the misery will never end.

Join us as Laurie Ivey, Psy. D. from Swedish Medical Center's Family Residency offers expert medical advice to you and your loved ones, how to recognize signs and symptoms, how to distinguish between feeling blue and a true medical problem, techniques to help offset the spiral down and of course, how to get the help you need from Swedish Medical Center's expert team.

Swedish Medical Center
Second Floor Conference Center
501 East Hampden Ave

This event is held at no cost to participants, but registration is required. Call 866-779-3347 or register online: