Swedish Acute Rehabilitation Named One of Nation’s Top Programs

Swedish Acute Rehabilitation was recognized as one of the nation's top acute inpatient rehabilitation programs by Uniform Data Systems (UDS). The program has been ranked among the top ten percent of subscribing facilities in 2011. "I think it's such an honor because we have a hard job and it's nice to have an outside facility recognize us," said Yvonne Shell, Director of Patient Care, Acute Rehabilitation.

About the Acute Inpatient Rehab Recognition

There were a total of 797 facilities assessed on data indicating patient outcomes. "It says that we have some of the best outcomes in rehab. It feels great to get people back out in the community," said Erika Kaye, Director of Acute and Rehab Therapies. Facilities are ranked by Program Evaluation Model Rankings (PEM). The PEM criteria use indicators that reflect national goals set by the Institute of Medicine for improving healthcare quality including the delivery of care.

Swedish's program will be awarded a "Top Performer" plaque for its honor.

Acute Rehab Team at Swedish

Acute Rehab at Swedish (L to R): Yvonne Shell, Director of Patient Care, Acute Rehabilitation; Erika Kaye, Director of Acute and Rehab Therapies; Pat Gaddis, Admissions Coordinator; Elena Draznin, M.D., Medical Director of Acute Rehabilitation.

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