Linear Accelerator for Advanced Radiation Treatment at Swedish

Swedish Medical Center's Clinac iX Linear Accelerator allows us to offer high-quality, leading-edge treatments for cancer patients.

The Clinac iX Linear Accelerator offers:

  • Up to three photon beams
  • Range of electron energy choices
  • High dose rate stereotactic radiosurgery
  • Low dose rate therapy
  • Respiration-synchronized image acquisition
  • Tight isocenter alignment of the gantry, couch, collimator and imagers
  • Reproducible, stable and accurate positioning
  • Automated image acquisition
  • Reproducible online image matching
  • Remote control of image position

On this machine, we are able to offer many treatment technologies for cancer patients. Learn more about the treatments available with the Clinac iX>>

Clinac iX Linear Accelerator