Are You Suffering from Chronic Reflux or Heartburn? Do You Want to Learn about Barrett's Esophagus?

Reflux and Heartburn Treatment Options Seminar

Attend one of our informational seminars to learn how you can get rid of the pills and the pain associated with reflux, and get back to living!

EsophyX Device Patients DenverAt Swedish Medical Center, our incisionless procedure offers an effective new treatment option for chronic acid reflux. This procedure uses the innovative EsophyX device that corrects the anatomical cause of reflux. During the seminar, you will meet our surgeon, Reginald Bell, MD, who will present information about this new treatment option.

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Barrett's Esophagus Seminar

Barrett's Esophagus occurs when the cells of the lower esophagus are changed due to chronic exposure to stomach acid (reflux). This genetic damage puts the patient at a much increased risk (30-125 times) for esophageal cancer. Learn more about the causes of Barrett's Esophagus, symptoms and treatment options at a free informational seminar.

Use ONLINE REGISTRATION below or call 1-866-7SWEDISH (1-866-779-3347).