Breastfeeding Preparation at Swedish Medical Center, Denver

This one-time class is valuable to those who plan to breastfeed their babies. Designed for the breastfeeding woman and her partner, we provide a positive and safe setting to talk about breastfeeding concerns and its impact on the entire family. In addition to a review of the anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding (lactation), the class explores current techniques and preparations that foster successful breastfeeding. This includes learning and practicing different nursing positions, proper collection and storage of breast milk, and the latest information on breast pumps.

Registration: Call 1-866-7SWEDISH (1-866-779-3347) or register below:

Swedish Medical Center Weekly Breastfeeding Support for Nursing Moms

This drop-in clinic is offered to breastfeeding moms every week. In this group setting, moms have the opportunity to meet with a lactation consultant, have their babies' weights checked, receive reassurance or get advice about a breast-feeding problem, and meet other breastfeeding moms.

Breastfeeding Support is offered at no charge every Wednesdays at 10 a.m. in the second floor conference center. To track if your baby is getting enough milk when breastfeeding, please bring your baby hungry and plan on breastfeeding. Please contact the Family Care Unit at Swedish with any questions by calling 303-788-6500.

Registration: No registration needed for this drop-in class.