Medical Staff Responsibilities

Medical Staff members have an obligation upon appointment to the Medical Staff at Swedish Medical Center to provide continuous care and supervision to all patients within the hospital for whom they have responsibility. Medical Staff members must also abide by all Bylaws and policies of the Medical Staff and Hospital, including all Bylaws (and accompanying Manuals) as shall be in force during the time of appointment. Medical Staff members also agree to accept committee assignments and such other reasonable duties and responsibilities as shall be assigned to him/her by the Medical Staff and the Governing Board.

Emergency Room Call

Upon appointment to the Active Staff, members agree to participate in the Emergency Room Call and other specialty coverage programs if required by the Hospital or its Medical Staff.

Continuing Medical Education

Documentation of at least 15 hours of CME credit per year (total 30 hours for reappointment period) must be submitted at the time of reappointment. A portion of the total CME hours shall be specific to the physician's specialty. A listing of CME activities is acceptable and will be subject to audit at the discretion of the Medical Executive Committee.

Failure to provide sufficient CME at the time of reappointment will result in defined Medical Executive Committee action, including suspension & a fine. Information about CME opportunities.

Medical Staff Dues

Medical Staff dues are collected bi-annually from Active and Affiliate members.  Invoices are mailed with the current reappointment application with follow up reminder notices being sent.  Members are encouraged to pay dues in a timely manner to prevent an automatic resignation from the Medical Staff.

Application and Reappointment fees are billed separately from the HealthONE Credentials Office. 

Quality Improvement

All individuals who receive clinical privileges pursuant to the terms of the Medical Staff Bylaws shall be subject to review as part of the Hospital's Quality Improvement program. In recognition of the responsibility of the Medical Staff to evaluate and improve the quality of care provided by its members within the Hospital and to perform/assist in its performance of the peer review functions, the Medical Staff as a whole is hereby designated as a peer review committee. Staff members may be appointed to specific quality review committees to assist in the evaluation and improvement of quality of care.

Medical Records

Members of the Medical Staff are required to follow all policies applicable to the timely completion of Medical Records. Failure to complete delinquent medical records after appropriate notification from the Health Information Management Department will result in the loss of admitting and procedure scheduling prerogatives.